When using your attached USB microphone or webcam, you must allow the web browser to have access to the device(s), for security reasons.

When using Google Chrome, after you click the microphone or webcam icon in Webinato, you may see a blank list of devices:

This means that you have not yet granted permission to Chrome to access your microphone or webcam.

Look for the following confirmation box at the top left of the Chrome browser window, and click Allow:

After clicking Allow, you may have to Reload the webinar in your browser, by clicking the Red X at the top right of the webinar interface, and then clicking the orange button labeled Reload this webinar in your browser:

After reloading, the list of devices should now be populated:

You should now also see a small webcam icon at the upper right corner of the browser window. This means Chrome can now access these devices, and so too should Webinato:

Clicking the webcam icon will open up the multimedia device settings box for Chrome. Here you can choose a default device for whenever you load a Webinato room, if desired. Keep in mind you may have to reload the webinar in your browser, as described above, for any changes to take effect.

You can also access the global media settings for Chrome by clicking the link Manage media settings...:

Clicking the Manage exceptions button here will open the Microphone/Webcam exceptions window, allowing you to add http://www.webinato.com:80 as an automatically allowed hostname: