If Internet Explorer initializes loading components but does not load the webinar room (hangs at that point), or if it does not load the page and just hangs at some point during the initialization and loading Flash components, follow the suggestions below.

  1. Add *.webinato.com to trusted sites.
    • Open Internet Options panel
    • Click Security tab
    • Click Trusted Sites
    • Click Sites
    • Add https://*.webinato.com and http://*.webinato.com
    • To add http links, first deselect 'Require server verification (https): for all sites in this zone' checkbox.
    • Click Close
    • Deselect 'Enable Protected Mode' checkbox.
    • Click OK to save the setting.
  2. If this does not resolve the issue, follow the rest of the suggestions one by one.
    • Click Tools and then Compatibility View Settings
    • Click Add
    • Click OK
  3. If the previous steps did not work, turn off enhanced protected mode
    • Open Internet Options panel
    • Click Advanced
    • Scroll and locate 'Enable Enhanced Protected Mode*' option
    • Deselect it and click OK