If you are in a live webinar and cannot hear the presenter, there are a few things you can do:

  • Verify the presenter is currently speaking: Sometimes in longer sessions a presenter could take a break or stop speaking for a variety of reasons. Try typing in the Chat Box asking if there is sound, and one of the event Organizers should help you.
  • Check if you hear sounds from other websites: Open a new browser window or tab and go to a site that you know has working sound, like YouTube for example. There, play a video to verify that your web browser's sound is working properly. 

If you you CAN hear sound there:

  • Check the volume setting in your webinar room. It may be set too low for you to hear. Usually a setting of 50-75% up on the volume bar should be sufficient.
  • Refresh the room in your browser. To do this, click the small red "X" at the top right of the window, then click the gold "Reload" button.

If you CANNOT hear sound there:
  • Check the volume setting in your operating system. In Windows, it is located to the bottom right of the screen, in the Taskbar, near the clock. In OSX, it is located at the top right of the screen, in the Menu Bar, again near the clock. Sometimes you may have multiple sound output devices and the sound from the web browser may be going to one you do not expect.
  • Check your speakers/headset connection. Sometimes the connection to the computer may be loose, or the hardware itself may be malfunctioning. 
  • Restart your browser or computer if you are confident your hardware and software are set up correctly.
If you still cannot hear your live webinar, and the above items do not help you, please delete your Flash Player Cookies by following the directions at this link: How to delete your Flash Cookies