If you cannot type into the chat box, please check the following:

  • Is the webinar in "Full Screen Mode?": The chat box is disabled for users viewing the presentation in Full Screen Mode. To type into chat again, please exit this mode by tapping the Esc key on your keyboard.

You will see this message in the chat box if you are in Full Screen Mode.
  • Is Attendee Chat enabled for your room?: For some webinars, the Organizers disable Attendee Chat and either only have Q&A Available, or choose not to have any chat at all. Please contact an Organizer in the room if you are unsure if Chat has been disabled.

This message will show if Attendee chat is disabled in your room. Contact a room Organizer for more information.
  • Is your keyboard working?: Please check if your keyboard works in other applications. If it does, please Reload the room in your web browser (by clicking the small red X at the top right of the window, then clicking the gold reload button). Alternatively, you can also try a different web browser to see if there are better results.

Click the gold Reload button to refresh the room in your browser