Attending a webinar using the Webinato platform means that you are connecting to Webinato's servers and receiving the content through our distributed network, and as such, you may experience some different issues than you would if you were watching a streaming video or other multimedia source.

One of the problems you may encounter is one where the recording can sometimes appear as if it is stuck or frozen on your screen. This is due to a connection error to the server the recording is being hosted on.

To help solve this:

  • Click the Maximize/Restore Down button: Click the middle button (like two squares) shown in the screenshot and see if it helps. It is at the upper right-hand corner
  • Please check your internet connection: If you have an unstable connection, either though wireless or even wired connections, you may experience the same. Please make sure that your connection is stable, above all else, as a more stable connection will ensure proper data transmission and a smoother experience.
  • Move to a wired connection, if possible: Our platform runs on all types of network connections, wireless included. However, if you are having problems playing back a recording smoothly, a wired connection may provide a more stable connection.
  • Contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP): Sometimes, even the best network providers have problems with their service, so please contact them if you are having unusual problems viewing internet content, including Webinato room content.