If you are experiencing choppy live video inside of the Webinato platform, there are a few things you can check to ensure you see incoming video feeds correctly:

Check Your Internet Connection

Most often, the cause of choppy video is a slow or unstable internet connection. Please check the following items to make sure you have the best possible connection:


Check your wireless signal: If you are on a wireless connection and your signal strength is not very good, you may experience interruptions in the live video feed. Since you are viewing a live feed, any fluctuations in the connection could case interruptions to the feed, so having a stable connection is important for a smooth experience.
Use a hardwired internet connection: Since a wireless internet signal is subject to more interference, moving over to a hardwired Ethernet connection can help create a more stable connection.

Check Your System Resource Usage
Sometimes choppy video can be attributed to high system resource usage. Open your Task Manager (Windows) or Activity Monitor (Mac OS X) to view your current resource usage and end any unnecessary programs, as appropriate.

Restart Your Browser or Computer

If you are still experiencing choppy video after checking the above scenarios, the best bet would be to do any or all of the following:

  • Clear your web browser cache files and cookies (hold Ctrl-Shift-Delete in any web browser to clear Temporary Internet Files)
  • Restart your current web browser
  • Use an alternate web browser
  • Restart your computer

Restarting the browser cleans out unused or corrupted processes and starts the program in a clean state. The same can be said for restarting your computer, and is a good practice if something is not working as expected.