The Webinato Mobile App (current version 5.1) is available in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. The app provides support for the vast majority of all features with Webinato system.

Please note: Although the Mobile app works on smart phones, it has been optimized for iPad and Android tablets.

Download from Google Play     Download from App Store

Recommended Connection: WiFi. Cellular connections may not have the stability needed for live events, but they can still be used if no wireless alternative is available.


The login process is quite simple as shown below. All logins should be completed in a browser page which will launch the app from there. Please do not launch the app directly on your mobile device.

  1. Open your mobile device browser at the room link as if you were connecting from a PC or Mac. Your browser should show the Mobile login page with Step 1 and Step 2. If not, it means you have set your mobile browser to act as a regular browser. In that case, click the Mobile Login link.
  2. Get the Webinato Mobile app and install it if you have not done so before. Once the installation process is complete, go back to your web browser.
  3. Tap the Tap here to launch button.
  4. Follow the instructions and when prompted enter email and password if any. If no password is required for the room, there will be no password field visible.

SSO (Single Sign On) access from another web site is also supported.

Mobile Experience

While our goal is to have the Mobile App experience be very similar to that of the Desktop Browser Application, there are times (when comparing the two platforms) where there may be some differences. Here are the features that are and are not supported by the Webinato Mobile App.

Supported features:

  • Audio, Live Video, Chat and Announcements
  • Slides (but without animations)
  • Desktop Sharing viewing
  • White Board
  • Video Player, including YouTube movies 
    (on iOS, playback of a YouTube video will need to be started by the client, and will not start/stop automatically)
  • Cobrowser
  • Notes
  • Instant Poll
  • eCurtain
  • Documents Folder
  • Login from other websites (Single Sign On)
  • Audio Player including sound effects and Internet radios
  • Maximize media content by double-tapping (in most cases)

Unsupported features:

  • Additional Chat Tabs
  • Private Messaging
  • Timer
  • World Map
  • Closed Captioning
  • Top Banner and In-room Advertisement
  • Surveys
  • Chat and Announcement History (Mobile Users will only see chat messages that appear after they login)

Limitations of supported features:

These features may look a bit different when viewing content side-by-side with the web application:
  • No slide animations and transitions
  • Live Video from a Webcam does not show on iOS devices (only audio is heard without the video). It works on Android devices.
  • Live Video is only shown under the participants list.
  • Split Screen media tabs (if the webinar room has been configured that way in the Desktop Version) is not supported.