Webinato Screen sharing application allows you to share your desktop screen with your audience. It normally uses to perform demonstration of software running on your computer. There are some instances that the Screen sharing application is installed but for some reason it does not work. These are the following steps you can perform to rectify the issue.


Reload the room by clicking the red (X) button on the upper right corner then Click Reload.

Launch the screen sharing application in the room using Internet explorer. If security prompt appears which says “would you allow this application to run in your computer” Click allow then check if the screen sharing application works. If it works, you can launch the screen sharing application in your desire browser and it should also work.

Clear web browser cache.  The steps that should be performed depend on your browser, so here are the instructions for the following browsers.

Internet Explorer:

  • Click Tools and then Delete Browsing History.
  • If you use a newer version like 10 or 11, click Alt key to view menu bar. Then, click Tools menu. Click Delete     Browsing History.
  • Select Cookies and Website Data. Also select Form data and Passwords if you experience issues with saved passwords and auto-fill options.
  • Press the Delete
  • Once finished, press Close and then OK to return to your browser.

Google Chrome:

  • On your browser toolbar, click the Chrome menu   
  • Select Settings. 
  • Click Show advanced settings 
  • Under the Privacy Click on Clear browsing data. 
  • A pop up box will come up then click Clear browsing data again.


  • Click History menu and select Clear Recent History. If you don't see tools, press Alt key. Alternatively, click the settings button (button with 3 horizontal lines, in the upper-right corner), click History and click Clear Recent History next. 
  • From the Time range to clear: drop-down menu, select Everything. 
  • Click the down arrow next to Details  and make sure that Cache  is selected. 
  • Click Clear Now. 
  • Click Clear browsing data. 


  • Choose Safari > Preferences > Privacy. Or else, click Safari and click the Reset button
  • Click Remove All Website Data, select one or more websites, then click Remove. If you clicked the Reset button, select Remove all website data and Close all Safari windows
  • To empty the caches, Click the Developer menu and select Empty Caches. 
  • If you do not see Developer menu: The menu can be activated by opening thePreferences dialog, clicking the Advanced icon, then putting a tick alongside Show Develop Menu in Menu Bar


Check your internet connection. A stable internet connection with at least 1 MBPS Speed dedicated to the machine is required to run the webinato screen share application.

Uninstall Flash - click here ( Uninstaller ) to uninstall flash player. Then reinstall/update your Flash player . Click here Flash Player ).

Uninstall and re install the application.

To uninstall the Screen Sharing application

  • Open Windows Control Panel 
  • Select Category view on the upper right corner
  • Select uninstall a program under the program section.
  • Scroll and locate 'Webinato Screen Share' and click on it
  • Click Uninstall button
  • Wait until you see Complete status in the top left area and then close the uninstaller.


To Install or reinstall the Screen Sharing application

  • Login to the web conference room as an Admin/Presenter. 
  • Click Start Desktop Sharing button. 
  • Click Install and Launch button when you see the launch panel. 
  • Note: The button next to Start Screen Sharing button (to the right) is the Screen Sharing Settings button. From this button, you can configure Screen Sharing Preferences prior to the installation.  
  • When prompted, save the WebinatoScreenShare.exe to the computer (i.e. On to the Desktop). Please make sure that it is not blocked by any security application or the browser itself. 
  • Double click the setup file. 
  • Click 'Allow' button if warned by the User Access Control (Windows). 
  • Wait until the installer finishes the installation. 
  • Now, the Screen Sharing application will be loaded automatically. 
  • Note: If something goes wrong, you may receive a message  'Could not connect to live room. Please Disregard this message and click 'OK'. In this case, you need to relaunch the application using the 'Start Screen Sharing' button once again 


You can also install the screen sharing application from the following 


Webinato Screen Sharing for Windows


Webinato Screen Sharing for Mac