Using the Slides Module in your room, you can very easily show MS PowerPoint 2003 (and higher versions) presentations to your attendees. The Slides Module automatically re-sizes and adjusts the presentation to your viewers screen size.

It offers:

  • Support for the majority of animations (over 300) and transitions in PowerPoint 2003 and higher versions.
  • Support for integrated audio.
  • Support for hyper links to external sites (unless you are a presenter and using the drawing tool).

Options and Features:

  • Settings and options:  Admins and Presenters will see a Settings and options button in the Slides area, which will allow them to specify whether they want to advance slides via mouse clicks and/or keyboard strokes (these options are disabled by default) in addition to using the next and previous button
  • Show hide drawing tools: Simply click this button to activate the drawing tools.
  • Add / Remove Thumbnails & Notes:

    Click this button to enable/disable thumbnails on the left side of this window as well as Notes along the bottom of the screen (only applicable if notes input in original PPT document)
  • Remove playing Slide Show:  This button stops the actual slide presentation.
  • Full Screen:  Activate the full-screen mode.



  • To optimize the time to convert your PowerPoint presentations and its download to Attendees, we suggest you break-down large presentations into different files and convert Part I, Part II etc. 
  • Please keep slide presentations below 150 slides and 50MB in size for optimal performance.
  • Some font substitutions may occur, especially if your slide presentation uses non-standard fonts not included by default in Windows. Attached to this article is a list of fonts that will work without substitution.