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Modify Room Settings

Modified on Tue, 27 Sep 2016 at 02:52 PM

In the Webinato platform, it is easy to customize the look and functionality of your room before launching it by using the Modify Room Settings link from your main Admin Page:

This page contains settings to change how guest attendees login, how chat and other modules function, and also the general layout of the room. In order for you to have the best experience with the platform, it is very important for you to go through the settings on this page and understand what they do and how they affect your attendees webinar experience.

Room Access

These settings deal with how your guest attendees will access your room outside of scheduled events.

  • Room Name: Sets a descriptive name for your room.
  • Short room URL: Lets you set an easy-to-remember short name for your room.
  • Guest Attendee Password: Lets you set a password for guest access, if desired. Leave this blank to disable the password requirement.
  • Login Announcement: Can be used to set a message that is displayed at the top of the room login page.
  • Require Phone Number at Login: Adds a new field to the login page requiring the user's phone number.

Room Functions

Here is where you set how your room works, from what modules you have active to how you want your attendees to view the room, and so on. This section is broken up as follows:

  • Chat Options: Allows you to manage how chat works for all participants, including enabling or disabling chat tabs.
  • Audio Notifications: Allows you to set which actions trigger an Audio Notification for your participants.
  • Show Documents Folder: Enables or Disables the Documents Folder functionality in your room
  • Status Indicator: Allows you to set what status icons are available to your participants.
  • Close Room After: Allows you to set a time for the room to automatically close after the last Organizer has left the room. This is done so the room can stay open even if your Organizer or Presenter has unexpected network difficulties.
  • Room Conference Bridge: Can enable/disable the option to choose the Integrated Phone Conference Bridge for room audio. Click HERE for more information.

Room Layout
This section contains settings that will change the look of your room, and also how Attendees can interact with certain portions of the room on their end.
  • Top Banner: Allows you to set a banner image for your room that will span the top portion of the interface.
  • Welcome Message: Allows you to set a message that will show in the General Chat window when a user logs in.
  • Attendees Can: Allows you to set what Attendees can see, click on and change in their own interface. This applies to both Guest Attendees and Registered Attendees.
  • Attendee List: Sets the visibility of the Attendee List for other Attendees
  • Time Settings: Allows you to set how time is displayed in your room.
  • Exit Landing Page: Here, you can set what content shows after an Attendee leaves the room or when the room is ended for all participants. You can either choose an external webpage, or any Webinato Survey you have created for your room.
    For more information about creating Surveys, click HERE.

Advanced Options
Here you can set various advanced options for your room:
  • Record Attendees into AutoPilots: This allows you to show all attendee activity in your recorded AutoPilots. This activity will only be shown when played back in Single Mode (On Demand)
  • Use Encrypted Channels: This allows your room to be accessed using https instead of http
  • Enable Co-Attendees Feature: This will allow attendees to act as a proctor for showing webinars in a group setting, and allow for each individual in that group to be seen and counted as a Co-Attendee.
  • End Room API URL Call: When a room ends, an automatic URL call is made to the URL specified in this field.
  • End Room/Entry/Exit API URL Call: Allows you to track user activity and room ending via an API on your site.

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