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AutoPilot Playback Modes

Modified on Fri, Apr 23, 2021 at 12:16 AM

This article explains the three methods available to watch an AutoPilot recording. Each method offers a different level of control over the playback. They are:

Group Mode (Encore), Evergreen Automated Mode, and Individual (OnDemand). 


Group Mode (Encore) is when you have live presenters and attendees in the conference room, where one of the presenters can click on Tools in the bottom left corner of the room, then click on AutoPilot Recorder.

A pop-up window will appear showing a list of recordings made in that room, you can click the green arrow next to the recording and it will play back immediately for all of those in attendance.

Keep in mind that the AutoPilot will reset the room layout to what it was when the recording was first made, so do not be alarmed if the room suddenly changes appearance.


In Evergreen Automated Mode you can schedule the playback of a Recast recording in your actual room using the event manager and can require registration for the event. To create such an event:

  • You will see an option to Run AutoPilot. Check this box and select the relevant recording from the Available Recordings pulldown list.

  • You will also need to set a name for an Automated User that will enter the room prior to the event. Please set this using the Run AutoPilot with user setting, inputting a First and Last name that will show in the Participant List as an Organizer. This is required as this user keeps the room open and starts playback at the scheduled time. 
    • This method actually uses the real instance of your conference room, similar to the group-mode above. Once the event is created, you can have attendees register for the event and it will play back at the scheduled time.
  • IMPORTANT: You must  create and save your event no fewer than 45 minutes prior to the start time for your event, otherwise the Automated User will not enter the room and run the recording as expected!


In the Individual (OnDemand) mode, the Recast recording plays back in an individual instance as needed. When a user plays back a recording in this way, they do not enter your actual conference room although it will look the same as if they are in the actual room. There are two ways to start an On-Demand playback.

  • Session Archives Page 
    As an attendee, you can view a list of all published movies by visiting the Session Archivespage. If you would like to view published movies, use the following steps:
    • Visit 'http://<companyname>' or log into your Webinato account as normal, and click on the Session Archives link at the top of the page. Enter the Archives Password if prompted, this step may not be required.
    • You will see a list of all published movies, identified by name, date, room and file length.
    • Click on the Play button for the movie you would like to view.
  • Direct Link
    A second method to view a Recast is to use a direct link to the recording. The attendee will have to be provided a direct link to the Recast login page to access it this way. As an admin, if you would like to obtain a direct link for a specific Recast, use the following steps:
    • Login to the Admin Page section by going to '' and click on the Admin Page.
    • Locate the AutoPilot Management section and click on Manage AutoPilots.
    • Click the link associated with the room in which the AutoPilot was recorded.
    • The link to the AutoPilot is found by clicking the edit button next to the recording name, and then finding the Direct AutoPilot Link. You can copy this link and provide it to anybody who needs to access the recording. The AutoPilot does not need to be published to be accessed with the direct link. You can also set a password specific to this direct link if desired.

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