Webinato Application is a separate desktop application developed to handle your webinar needs without need to install and manage Flash Player as you do with standard web browsers. 

This guide will walk you through the installation on Windows; for macOS installation instructions, click HERE.

Compatibility: This application supports being run on modern versions of Windows, for the best experience. The instructions below are based on a Windows 10 installation.


  1. Open any login page using a standard browser. A login page can be a direct link or a single sign-on link.
  2. You will be a presented with the following options

  3. Click the Use Webinato Application button to start installation.
    • If the application is already installed, then you can immediately open it to the correct page by clicking the Open Webinato button:
      Otherwise, you will need to go through the on-screen instructions to install the program for the first time:
  4. When you click the link Download & Double-click the Webinato Application Setup file link, the setup file will be downloaded (in most cases, it will be downloaded to the Downloads folder).
  5. Double click to run the installer. Follow the instructions in the setup.
    • During this step, Windows Security may interfere and block installation of the application. the error you will see here is typically "Windows SmartScreen Protected your PC." To run the installer from here, click the More Info link, followed by the Run anyway button.
    • If other antivirus or internet security application blocks or promotes some action to continue, please allow the program to be installed by following any on-screen instructions.
  6. Follow the installer prompts to complete installation:
    1. Select Only Me if you install it for your user. To let all the users in the same computer access it, select Anyone who uses the computer.

    2. Accept the User Account Control prompt, if present.
    3. In the next window, you can select the install location. Keep the defaults and click Install.
    4. Click Finish. Keep the box for Run Webinato checked for faster completion of these steps
  7. When you click Finish, the app should run for the first time.
    • If you had the Run Webinato box unchecked in the step above, it's a good idea to run the program once before continuing.
  8. Close the application and return to the original download page in your browser.
  9. Click the [HERE] link or reload the page to access the page via the Webinato Application.