Webinato application is a standalone application engineered by Omnovia Technologies to access Webinato webinars with ease. Exiting a Webinar and exiting this application are two important parts of using this application. This guide helps you to avoid application freezing when you attempt to exit the application in the wrong way.

Do not attempt to close the Webinato application without exiting the webinar room propelry. It may feeze the application in some unexpected situations

How to Properly Exit a Webinato Webinar Room

Follow the steps as exactly as stated below

  1. Click the Red ball with an X at the upper right-hand corner (this is not required if the organizer ends the webinar room for all)

  2. The following dialog box will appear

  3. Click Exit this Webinar
  4. Now, please wait without clicking anything until the exit landing page is loaded. It may appear in Gray for a moment. You can wait for a few seconds until the exit landing page loads. Do not attempt to close the Webinar application
  5. Once you see You have exited the Webinar at the upper left-hand corner and see the landing page, close the Webinar application