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Automatic Credit Card Payments FAQ

Modified on Mon, 06 Jul 2015 at 04:28 PM

Why am I auto-enrolled in Automatic Credit Card payments?

omNovia is a prepaid service and all subscription accounts use automatic credit card payments as their payment method.

How safe is the Credit Card Payment?

Payments are protected by Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption technology (256 bits). SSL encrypts all your credit card and personal information before they are sent over the Internet. Your information is authenticated and encrypted as transmitted.

How is my information stored?
Your credit card information is encrypted using 256 bit SSL and then stored by our secure server.

When will my credit card be charged?

Any subscription charges, as well as any additional charges accrued during the current billing period, will be charged on the first day of the next billing period. For monthly subscriptions, this occurs on the 1st of every month.

What happens if my credit card information changes, or I want to use a new card?

To change your existing credit card information at any time, simply login to your Admin page and click on the Billing link. There, scroll down and enter your new card information.

Why was my credit card payment rejected?

Please note that we rely on a reputable 3rd party Credit Card company to charge your cards when you try to make a payment in our billing system.

At times Credit Cards are rejected for legitimate reasons such as wrong address associated with the cards. Other times the Credit Card is rejected for more 'obscure' reasons depending on the algorithm used by our Credit Card processor. Unfortunately we are not able to change the way our processor works or force them to accept a credit card.

We apologize if your card is not going through and we understand it can be frustrating.

Here are some suggestions when this happens:

  • Verify your address and phone number associated with the card
  • Check with your bank if there is not a daily quota or a new limit set on the card. This usually happens on large payments.
  • Use a different card

Thank you for your understanding and your cooperation.

What is SSL?
Secure Socket Layer protocol. A security protocol that prevents eavesdropping, tampering, or message forgery with HTTP transmissions based on server-side public/private key pairs and provides support for client-side public/private key usage.

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