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Buffer Seats

Modified on Thu, 17 Mar 2016 at 12:25 PM

Buffer seats allow conference presenters and moderators to raise the room capacity for a 24-hour period. Many clients use buffer seats for special events where the room attendance will be higher than a regular scheduled conference.

How are buffer seats applied to my room?
An account Admin or Organizer must first contact Sales and setup the number of buffer seats in order to take advantage of this flexibility.

How are buffer seats charged?
The Webinato platform does not charge for buffer seats unless the room reaches capacity and a buffer seat is used. If you have 10 buffer seats and one is used, you will be charged for that 1 time usage and that usage lasts 24 hours. If that single person leaves and another takes his place within 24 hours, you are still only charged for that first usage.

How can I change the number of Buffer Seats?
Please submit a request to to adjust the number of buffer seats associated with your company.

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