Enterprise seating is the method that the web conference provider uses to handle how many users can be simultaneously logged into the room(s) of a given account. 

The number of seats is referred to as "capacity".
An account is given a specified number of seats. Users may continue occupying the seats in one or all the rooms of that account until the capacity has been reached.

Any combination of people in any or all of the rooms of an account that does not exceed the account's capacity is valid.

The ABC company has four rooms and a capacity of 200. Any one of the following are possible with their capacity of 200.
  • 50 people each may be in all four rooms.
  • 200 people may be in one room. 
  • 100 people may be in one room and another 100 people may be in another room. 
Capacity, the number of seats available, is now an account wide setting, no longer restricted to an individual room.