Configure your Microphone, Webcam ,Volume Level and your Status / Mood from this panel.

  •  By clicking  you can
    • Configure the Microphone (learn more).
    • Turn on and off.
    • Increase / decrease output volume level.
  • By clicking  you can:
    • Configure both the Webcam and Microphone  (learn more).
    • Turn on and off.
  • By clicking  you can:
    • Adjust the volume level for you.
  • Volume levels can be adjustable with the slider.
  • Change your online status and mood from 
  • From this panel you cannot:
    • Configure devices for other users.
    • Enable devices for attendees.
  • With AV Remote Control  (learn more), you can
    • Remotely enable audio and video devices; adjust microphone volume and image quality of the webcam, for Presenters.
    • This does not automatically configure the devices due to privacy concerns.

Recommended Devices
Microphone Input and Quality