Closed Captioning allows TV-like sub-titles to be streamed to the live room, and complies with laws such as US Section 508.

Closed Captioning in a Webinato room works in much the same way as closed captioning on live TV. There is no software interpreting the language spoken and translating it to text. This is done by an individual appointed by your company who will listen to the conversation in the room and transcribe the speech in real time. Webinato does not provide transcription or captioning services.

  • To start Closed Captioning, begin by clicking on the Tools button, and selecting Closed Captioning from the menu

  • The Closed Captioning Input window will appear

  • Here is where the interpreter will type what is said in the room. A word is sent every time 'Space' or 'Enter' key is hit.
  • By default, text appears at the bottom of the screen. By unchecking the box marked Display CC at the bottom, the text will appear at the top of the screen.