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Room Usage Reports

Modified on Tue, 27 Sep 2016 at 02:08 PM

Room Usage Reports include a full set of statistical data about the webinar session and are generated and immediately available after the room is closed. These reports also include attendees information as well as analytics on how many minutes they spent in your webinar along with data on their participation such as, but not limited to chat messages, poll results, and survey answers.  

What are the different types of Room Reports?

In general, there are 3 types of Room Usage Reports:

Adhoc Sessions

These are regular webinar sessions wherein a room is opened and initiated by organizers with attendees joined in using the direct room link (for guest users) or through the organization access page (for registered users) and that no pre-shceduled event is in place. The following image shows an example of an AdHoc report (Upper area. Except chat, announcements and Autopilot reports).


These are sessions where a pre-scheduled event is in place. Attendees usually joined in using an event log in link and usually has gone through an event registration process. Event session reports are similar to AdHoc reports. These reports display the event name rather than Ad Hoc Meeting. To learn more about event management please click here

Autopilot Views

This include data gathered from users who viewed the AutoPilot recordings.

What do we see in a Room Usage Report?

The following information is available in a Room Usage Report:

  • Participant Location and Timeline 
  • Participant Details 
  • Instant Poll Results 
  • Survey Results 
  • Q & A Transcript 
  • List of downloaded documents 
  • Chat Transcripts 
  • Room Announcements

Here is a sample room usage report.

Upper area of an AdHoc session report


Chat and Announcements

  • Announcements: Transcript of the activity from the Announcements Tab during your webinar
  • General Chat: Transcript of the activity from the General Chat tab during your webinar
  • Public Custom Chat (if enabled): Transcript of the activity from the Alternate Public Chat tab during your webinar
  • Private Custom Chat (if enabled): Transcript of the activity from the Alternate Private Chat tab during your webinar
  • Closed Caption: Transcript of the Closed Caption activity from your webinar

Autopilot (Recorded Sessions) names and links to the individual reports

How are these reports generated?

Room Usage Report: A session (AdHoc/Event/Group Mode Autopilot) starts when an organizer starts or joins a webinar room. To end a session properly, an organizer has to click the  button at upper right hand area in the webinar room and then, click End this webinar for all participants button. The room usage report is available after the organizer ended the session successfully.

Autopilot Report (On Demand View): As a viewer exits an on demand Autopilot, the Autopilot Report is generated. 

How do I access the room reports?

To access these reports using the admin page you have to,

  1. Log in to the admin page as an organizer/presenter with admin rights. Or else, log in as a Super Admin.
  2. Click View Room Usage Reports.
  3. To open a report (Ad Hoc or Event Report), click on a date/time.

How do I access these reports while in a webinar room?
You can access the Autopilot reports on the fly. 
  1. While in a webinar room with appropriate permissions to access reports, click the Settings and Options button at the upper right hand corner in the room.

  2. Click the Reports link to access these reports.

Who has permissions to access these reports?

  • Super Administrator
  • An Organizer with administrator permissions.
  • A Presenter with administrator permissions.

Can these reports be exported?

These report are made available for downloads via your Admin Page. Please click here to learn more on how to download reports.  


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