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AutoPilot Reports

Modified on Thu, 22 Sep 2016 at 01:05 PM

These reports include information and data gathered specifically when an AutoPilot Recording is viewed.

What do these reports include?

An AutoPilot Report may include the following:

  • Number of users who viewed the recording 
  • Duration the autopilot recording has been viewed 
  • Viewer details including: first and last name, email address, time of access, and viewing duration of a specific user.
  • Chat and Questions including Q&A questions.
  • Instant Poll results 
  • Surveys results 

The following is a sample autopilot report.

How do I access these reports?

To access the Autopilot reports using the admin page,

  1. Log in to the admin page as an organizer/presenter with admin rights. Or else, log in as a Super Admin.
  2. Click View Autopilot Reports.
  3. This page provides you with a powerful search tool and direct links to reports. There are options to download single or combined reports in .csv format with some customization.
  4. To search for a report, use the search tool.
  5. To open a session report (Ad Hoc or Event Report), click on a the name of the Autopilot.

Note: You can click the View Room Usage Reports link, navigate to the main reports page and the use the search tool to search for Autopilot reports.

How do I access these reports while in a webinar room?

You can access the Autopilot reports on the fly. 
  1. While in a webinar room with appropriate permissions to access reports, click the Settings and Options button at the upper right hand corner in the room.

  2. Next, click the General Page and then, click the View Autopilot Reports link.

Who has permissions to view the Autopilot Reports?

  • Super Administrator
  • An organizer with administrator permissions.
  • A presenter with administrator permissions.

If you are interested in saving a copy of these reports in a CSV file, please click here for instructions.

If you are looking for information about using the AutoPilot Recorder, please click here for instructions.

If you are interested in learning more about Converting, Downloading and Publishing your AutoPilot Recordings, click here for more information.

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