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Converting AutoPilots to MP4 Files - Best Practices

Modified on Fri, 14 Jul 2017 at 07:46 AM

Also check out this article for more information on the MP4 conversion process:

Converting, Downloading and Publishing your AutoPilot Recordings

When you wish to convert an AutoPilot Recording to an mp4, there are a few things to consider.

  • Do I want the chat to show?
  • Do I want the participants' list displayed?
  • Do I have Video Player clips, webcam feeds or Desktop Sharing in the AutoPilot ?

If you have a webcam feed that shows in the participants list and wish that webcam feed shown in the mp4, then you should leave the option Collapse Users List unchecked.

If you wish to have a webcam feed and collapse the users' list, then you may wish to consider the following:
  • The changes described below must be done during or prior to the live event, depending on which option you choose.
  • You can pop out the webcam feed from the participants list and move it to a desired position. More information is available here.
    This can be done during the live event, probably right before the AutoPilot begins recording or shortly after, depending on your preference.
  • In your room settings page located in your admin page, you can enable the live video tab and choose the split screen option.
    You may choose to have the live video on one side (right or left) and the media modules tabs being used on the other side.
    This needs to be done before the live event.
    Changes in the admin page will take effect after the room has been restarted. Please verify the changes to the room before the live event starts.

Check the option Has Video if the AutoPilot Recording contains the following:

  • Webcam feed
  • Movie(s) from the movie player such as YouTube movie(s)
  • Desktop sharing

Hiding the participants' list and/or chat is entirely up you. You may choose these options as you see fit.

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