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Converting, Downloading and Publishing your AutoPilot Recordings

Modified on Fri, 14 Jul 2017 at 07:50 AM

In addition to providing interactive replays to your customers using Webinato's AutoPilot technology (learn more), you can convert your recordings to MP4 video files. That way, you can:

  • either download and archive your recording locally, to publish directly to YouTube or to save to external storage
  • or share your recording with your attendees by publishing it through Webinato's hosting services 

Converting Your AutoPilot Recording into MP4 Format

You can convert any of your exiting AutoPilot Recordings into an MP4 video file by following these simple steps:

NOTE: There is a separate fee for MP4 conversion services, and this service is only available to paid subscribers.

  • Log in to your Admin Page, click the Manage AutoPilots link at the bottom of the page, and then select your room name.

  • On this page, you will have access to all of your existing recordings and their associated settings, which can be accessed by clicking the recording name, or the Edit icon. 

  • Check the box next to Schedule an MP4 Video Recording, which will open up the conversion settings.

  • These options will allow you to set how you want your MP4 file to look after it is converted, by hiding interface options and setting other related options. One you have these options set to your liking, click the Update button, and that's it; your MP4 is scheduled to be converted. You will see an estimated wait time for your conversion on this screen, and you will receive an email once the conversion is complete.

NOTE: This is a "first in - first out" service, where priority is based on the order of submission. Conversion times vary by recording, but in general should be roughly the original time of the webinar, plus about half of that to account for the conversion process. Wait times are only an estimate. If you have any questions about your conversion, or experience a conversion error, please contact Technical Support.

For more information about setting up your MP4 conversion, including some best practices, please click HERE.

Downloading Your MP4 File

Once you have received notification that your MP4 is complete, return to your Admin Page and the AutoPilot settings as described above.

  • You should now see a Download link in the recording settings, and you can use this to either download the file yourself, or copy and share the link so that others can download it directly from our servers.

To download directly to your computer, you can right-click (or option-click, on a Mac) on the Download link and select "Save Link As...", then select a download location.
  • This file can be downloaded as many times as you like for 90 days, after which time the Download link will become inactive and you will need to schedule another conversion.

Publishing an MP4

After converting the AutoPilot to an MP4 video file, you can choose to publish it via Webinato's hosting services. This is done by returning to the AutoPilot Management page and changing the Public Status:

  • Unpublished: This means that your recording will not show on your Archives page (, and can only be accessed by the direct recording link (
  • Available as AutoPilot: This will let the recording link show on your Archives page, which will take viewers to the interactive AutoPilot version of the recording after filling out their user information. The link can also be shared directly with viewers.
  • Available as MP4 : This will let the recording link show on your Archives page, which will take viewers to the MP4 video file version of the recording after filling out their user information. The link can also be shared directly with viewers.

2016-03-23 14_04_51-Cyberdyne Systems Login.png

Publishing through Webinato is simple, secure and lets you collect valuable viewer information in the Reports section of your Admin Page. 

Keep in mind that Publishing as an MP4 eliminates all of the interactivity from your recordings, like Instant Polls or Chat, but it may make the recording more accessible for people viewing the content using less reliable network connections that cannot handle a full live stream. Also note that this changes the format for everyone using the public recording link, and cannot be done for only one person; please use the Download link for those scenarios.

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