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Bulk Registration in the Event Manager

Modified on Fri, 23 Apr 2021 at 12:24 AM

When creating events using our Event Manager, you have the option of uploading a list of desired registrants in bulk, using a CSV file. This option will allow you to process many simultaneous registrations, as long as you have the required information for every registrant.

For more information about using the Event Manager, please click here.

How to Launch the Event Manager

  1. Launch Webinato Application
  2. Close the Welcome message using the Orange-color button at the upper right-hand corner
  3. Type in the admin portal URL or and log into the admin page
  4. Click the Manage Event link

Bulk Registration Procedure

  • Log into your Admin Page, and click on Manage Events to open the Event Manager
  • Either create a new event or double-click on an existing event
  • Click the Report tab, and then click the Bulk Registration link. The Bulk Registration Window will appear:
  • Click the Browse button on the right side of the window to browse your computer for your CSV file.
  • Once the CSV is selected, click the Process button. You will see the message "Your CSV file is being processed... please wait"
  • Depending on how many registrants you are trying to process, this may take a few minutes. Please be patient.
  • After processing is complete, you will see the message "Your CSV file has been successfully processed. Now updating list of registered users..." Once you see this message, you can click the Close button at the bottom of the window.
  • Back on the Reports tab, you should now see the additional registrants listed.
    • If the list of registrants did not update, click the Back to Menu link at the top right to return to your Admin Page, and enter your event through the Event Manager again to see the changes.

Important Information

Please note the following important information regarding the format of the CSV file:

  • The bulk registration file should have a .csv extension ONLY
  • The file MUST have a first row, with titles
    • The first three titles are First Name, Last Name, and Email, in this order (Columns 1-3)
    • The text of the titles of the custom questions (in columns 4 and higher) must be exactly the same as the ones showing in the 'Access' tab. They may, however, be in a different order
  • Only custom questions with text answers (either short text input or text area) work. Checkboxes, radio buttons, and others are not supported at this time
  • This process will automatically ignore and remove duplicates (it will not register the same email address twice, if that person is already registered by another method, or is present twice in your CSV file)
  • For recurring events, users are registered for the next upcoming event

Here is an example of what your CSV file should look like, after saving it locally:

First Name,Last Name,Email

Please note, there are no spaces in any of the lines of text. Placing spaces in between the fields may result in display errors in your Registration Report.

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