Event registration links can be found by accessing the Event Manager, located on your Admin Page.

To access the registration links, as well as other useful links for your event:

  • Launch the Webinato application and log in to the admin page at first.
  • Open the Event Manager, and double-click on an event name to open the Event Settings page.
    (alternatively you can click on the info button to the left of the Event Name in the list)
  • Once there, click the Summary Tab:

  • There you will find all of the links for the event including:

    The Direct Registration Link: This is the link you will send out to your potential audience.
    The General Registration Link: If you have more than one active event, or have events in a series, you may want to send out the General Registration link to show all upcoming webinars.
    The Category Link: Links to all events that have the same category as the event you have open
    The All Webcasts Link: Links to the /webcasts page, which shows all active events and published AutoPilot Recordings.
    The Event Login Link: This is the link your registrants will use to login with, allowing them to enter their username and password


For more information on the Event Manager, click here.