The registration page for any event created in the Event Manager can be customized with additional questions for the registrant, allowing you to gather more data about people wanting to attend your event.

Adding Custom Questions

To add additional questions to your registration page:

  • Open the Webinato application
  • Log into your admin page using the Webinato application
  • While in the Admin Page, click the Manage Events link to open the Event Manager
  • Double click the name of the event you wish to view by either double-clicking it, or by clicking the Info icon
  • Click on the Access tab
  • Once there, look near the bottom of the screen for the option to add additional questions.

  • To add a question, choose a question type from the drop-down list

    Text Area
    Radio Buttons
    Drop Down
  • Edit your questions as you see fit to gather the type of data you want from your registrants

  • Save your event when you're done.

Answer data for these questions will be included in your Registration Report, located in the Report tab inside of the Event Manager, and you can view this report anytime before or after your event date.