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Event Manager: Tracking Registration Source

Modified on Mon, 10 Dec 2018 at 10:03 AM

A very powerful feature of our Event Manager and Registration System is the Custom Registration Field.

Using this field will allow you to customize your Direct Registration links to deliver custom data that is tracked and reported by Webinato.

For more information on using the Event Manager, click HERE.


Let's say that you market one of your events on three different platforms:

  • Your Website
  • Via Email
  • On social media, such as a Twitter post
You can use the following tag at the end of your Direct Registration URL posted to each site to help differentiate where your registrants are coming from:

?custom=[Custom Data]

Using the example above, just replace the [Custom Data] with the name of where you want to place the Registration Link:

Link Posted on Website:[p_eventID]?custom=Website

Link Posted in Emails:

NOTE: the p_eventID referenced above is the 14-digit number at the end of your Direct Registration URL, found in the Summary Tab of your Event in the Event Manager.

Once you have created your custom link for each location, copy and paste the link into the website code, email or tweet, as you would normally.

PLEASE NOTE: This custom data can only be collected from Direct Registration Links. The General Registration Link ( cannot be tracked in this manner.

Reading the Custom Data

The Custom Data appended to the link will be added to the Registration Report, underneath the Custom heading.
This can be found by exporting the report as an Excel document, which can be done directly from the Event Manager. You can see an example of this data in the diagram below:

Using this Excel file, you can sort using this Custom Data field and count the number of registrants from the desired location quickly and easily.

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