The Webinato registration system can notify your website by calling a page on your server once a participant has registered for one of your events. 

The registration system will add the following parameters to the URL of the page you specify:
eventID : The ID of the event the participant has registered for.
firstName: First Name of the participant.
lastName: Last Name of the participant.
email: Email Address of the participant.


In your page you can read these parameters and use them for instance with your CRM system, for reporting, or to start a process on your end.

To specify a Registration Notification URL:

1. Log in to your portal (using a Super Admin account) and click on Event Manager.
2. Click on the Settings button.
3. Under Registration Notification URL enter the complete URL of the page on your server the registration system will call. You don't need to add any parameters; the registration system will add them to the URL. 

4. Click Save & Close to save your settings.