You can schedule a webinar using the Webinato Event Manager, located on your Admin Page under Manage Events.

Scheduling using the Event Manager allows your attendees to register and have easy access to any event, or series of events, you choose. Using this tool, you can:

  • Create a single event for a single day, or a recurring series across weeks or months
  • Collect registration data from your invitees using customized emails
  • View registration data in Excel file format at any time
  • Send customized reminder and follow-up emails to all registrants, or only those who attended/did not attend
  • Much more...
For more information about the Event Manager, click here.

How Do I Launch the Event Manager?

To launch the event manager,

  1. Launch Webinato Application
  2. Close the Welcome message using the Orange-color button at the upper right-hand corner
  3. Type in the admin portal URL or and log into the admin page
  4. Click the Manage Events link