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Checklist for Presenters

Modified on Mon, 29 Jan 2018 at 02:31 PM

The Webinato platform allows you to present your materials and media to anyone with a browser and Internet connection. However, like any conference platform (virtual or not), it is best to test all aspects of your presentation before presenting live. The following checklist is to assist you in testing each portion of the conference.

  1. Test your Login Procedures 
    Your conference presenter should provide you with login procedures. If you are unsure of your username, password or URL, contact the presentation company's conference administrator.
  2. Verify your Network Connection 
    It is best practice is to use a hard-wired connection when presenting a webinar over the Internet. Wireless and Satellite connections often fluctuate based on surrounding conditions and can result in bad or dropped audio, image disconnections, etc. If you must go wireless, you can test connectivity prior to the event using a speed test from a site like You’re looking for 1 Mbps upload and download speed, ideally.
  3. Check Audio, Video and Microphone
    It is recommended to do a technical run prior to the live event. Log in to the conference room with an Admin to perform a thorough audio/video test. Speak for at least one minute to allow the Admin to check for audio/video quality, volume level and make any necessary adjustments. A best practice is to use a USB connection headset with echo cancelling mic, with microphone placement at chin level. In case of hardware failure, it also is best to have a backup microphone ready in case of an emergency.
  4. Verify Upload of All PowerPoint Presentations 
    Make sure all PowerPoint files have been uploaded and converted using the Webinato Slide Show Module for best viewing. Practice advancing the slides via either mouse clicks, keyboard strokes or using the next and previous arrow buttons in the platform.
  5. Verify Desktop Sharing for Your Current System 
    A best practice is to test the application you would like to share in the environment you will be presenting from -- both the specific computer and connection location -- to ensure desktop sharing will not be disrupted during your conference. As of present, the desktop share tool is supported for a Windows environment. A projector for Mac is planned for a future release.
  6. Video Player (if needed)
    If you need to show a video (*.avi,*.flv, *.mov, *.mp4, *.mpg or *.wmv), make sure you have tested it with the Webinato Video Player.
  7. Test/Verify Co-Browser Websites (if needed)
    The Cobrowser lets presenters load web sites for attendees to interact with, such as a sign-up page or order form. The web page technically opens in what is called an iFrame. Certain websites such as LinkedIn do not allow their pages to load within iFrames. As a result you will not be able to load such pages. Always test the pages before the beginning of your webinars.
  8. Shut Down Any Unnecessary Applications
    Make sure you have sufficient bandwidth and there are no other applications that take up a significant portion of said bandwidth (downloaders, movie streaming, etc.). Programs such as Skype can interfere with the webinar platform and block microphone access. So please make sure you quit these programs before you start your session.
  9. Verify Workflow of Presentation
    Review the event workflow during rehearsal so you and the Admin know what to expect (from starting the recording, raising the e-curtain, how many slides in presentation, etc.)
  10. Schedule Support Resources
    For an additional fee, our technical support department can assist you with your technical support needs. Please contact our sales team to schedule dedicated support if you require this. Training also can be provided for your presenters prior to using the conference.

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