Private Messaging in Webinato can be done between Organizers and Presenters by default, and you can also set the ability for Attendees to send Private Messages via the Room Settings page.

For help accessing your Room Settings Page, click HERE.

Sending and Receiving Private Messages

  • To send a participant a private message, simply left click on a person's name and select Private Message.
  • A new chat tab will open in the Chat Area for you to type in your message, which acts like any other chat tab.
  • Once you send your message, your recipient will be notified with a popup window directing them to the newly opened chat tab on their end.

Setting Up Private Messaging for Attendees
  • Log in to your Admin Page, and click Modify Room Settings, and then the name of the room you wish to modify.
  • Scroll down to the Room Functions section and look for the Chat Options settings.
  • In the setting labeled Attendee Private Messaging (PM), you have 4 options to choose from:
  1. None: Disables Attendee Private Messaging for this room
  2. PM to room presenters/organizers only: Allows Attendees to send Private Messages to Organizers and Presenters, but not to other Attendees
  3. PM to all but presenters/organizers: Allows Attendees to send Private Messages to other Attendees, but not to Organizers and Presenters
  4. PM to all: Allows Attendees to send Private Messages to everyone in the room
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the Update Changes button

  • If you wish to learn more about other available chat options, click HERE.