There are a few ways you can affect the visibility of Attendee chat messages inside of your Webinato room. They are:

  • Setting the Chat Mode to Privatized
    Privatizing chat makes it so that Attendees can only see chat messages from Organizers/Presenters and themselves, not from other Attendees.
    To enable Privatized Chat:
    • Click the gear in the Chat Module to open the Chat Settings window:

    • Check the box next to Privatize Chat
    • Click Save
  • Forwarding the Attendee chat message to another chat tab
    You can check the box next to any Attendee chat message and forward it to another chat tab, effectively hiding it from General Chat.

  • Deleting Attendee chat messages
    While not merely hiding the message, this allows you to delete any unwanted message from chat. Simply check the box next to any chat message and then click the Trash Can Icon.