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Monitoring the Webinar Experience as an Attendee

Modified on Tue, 27 Sep 2016 at 03:20 PM

There are times where you, as an Organizer, will want to check on how your webinars look to your Attendees, and to quality check things to help them have a better experience during your events. As an Organizer, you have access to the Direct Room URLs for your account (called Short Room URLs) which you can use to log in as an Attendee at any time to see things from their point of view.

In most cases, what you see in your Organizer or Presenter view is exactly what Attendees will see. However, here are some examples of times where you would want to use this procedure:

  • checking the Attendee view of Screen Sharing
  • looking at the Attendee Q&A Interface and testing the operation of that tool
  • verifying proper eCurtain operation, making sure Attendees are unable to see or hear things based on your eCurtain settings

To learn more about User Roles and Permissions, please click HERE.

Loading Your Room as an Attendee

  • After launching your room as an Organizer, open a new browser window or tab
  • In the new window or tab, type the Short Room URL for your room (typically it is similar to "http://[company][short room name]" into the address bar, and hit Enter
  • Once the login page loads, be sure to change the setting in the pull-down menu from I Am a Presenter or Organizer to I Am and Attendee

  • Type in an email address along with the room's Guest Password (if needed) and then click the Enter Webinar button

    PLEASE NOTE: If you use the same email address as one of your Organizer or Presenter accounts in Webinato, you will receive an error stating for you to use your account password instead. If you do, you may kick out your existing Organizer or Presenter user from the original window or tab. Please use a new address for these types of tests, or create a specific Test Attendee user from the Manage Users page. 

  • Once the webinar loads, you will see and hear what all Attendees will.

You can now try testing out your webinar and see how it looks for Attendees.
Please keep in mind that if you have your microphone active, depending on your audio setup, there is a risk of having audio feedback from the Attendee's sound output and your microphone. Please take appropriate measures to avoid this, such as using a headset/microphone combo.

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