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Webinar Access - Page is Blank, or Room is Empty

Modified on Thu, 22 Apr 2021 at 10:54 AM

Cannot Enter Webinar - Stuck at Webinato Logo/Blank Screen

After joining a Webinato Webinar Room, you may either see the screen frozen at the Webinato Logo, or see a blank white screen. Please follow these steps first to enter the webinar room:

If the above steps do not help you, then there may be a setting on either your local machine or your network that is blocking traffic from Webinato. Please read below for more information:

Firewall Issues

if you are on a strictly managed network like those at a bank or financial institution, your network settings may also cause this issue. You may need to have your network administrator add your web conferencing site as an exception, and/or open the following ports on your network's firewall: 80, 8080, 443, 1935

Please also read this guide.

DNS Issues

Occasionally, you may not be able to access Webinato content due to problems with the DNS (Domain Name Service) servers automatically assigned to you by your ISP. If the above steps do not help you, please follow these steps below to change your DNS server settings:

On Windows

  • Right-click the Network Icon in your taskbar at the lower right of your screen
  • Click Open Network and Sharing Center

  • On the left side, click Change Adapter Settings
  • Find your active internet connection and right-click on it
  • Click Properties

  • Find the Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) seeing and double click it

  • Click the radio button next to "Use the following DNS server addresses:" and enter the following:
These are Google's open DNS servers and are free to use

  • Click OK to close

After these steps are completed, please try to reconnect to your webinar room.

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