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Webinato Application - Current Known Issues

Modified on Thu, 09 Sep 2021 at 02:04 PM

Current Version

Windows: 1.1.7

MacOS: 1.1.7

Linux: 1.1.7

Current Known Issues


  • If you are prompted to auto-update the application at launch, the update process may give you an error. 
    • Please manually download the update when prompted and double-click the downloaded installer to install the update.
  • CHROME: If you have previously installed the Webinato Application and have since uninstalled it, you may see the following message after clicking the Use Webinato Application button:
    Please hit cancel and follow the installation procedure again to restore proper functionality for auto-launching the application.

Mac OS

  • Clicking the View Full-Screen icon in the Webinato UI may result in the screen going white with no way to reload or restore the window. This is a behavior of the Mac operating system as a response to Maximize/Restore options
    • Close the window directly or quit the application entirely if this happens to reset the display.
    • Use the Mac OS window controls to view the window in a maximized state. You can collapse the chat/participant panels to get the optimal view.

Both Platforms (Windows and MacOS)

  • ORGANIZERS/PRESENTERS: Closing the Main Application Window while other popup/secondary windows are open will cause all windows to close, including active Webinar Room Windows. Also, navigating links from the Main Window while a webinar room is open will result in the Room Window closing unexpectedly.
    • Please keep the main application window open at all times to avoid any unexpected room closures.
    • While a webinar is active, DO NOT interact with the Main Application Window in any way until the webinar room is closed properly.
  • When inside of a live room, viewing an AutoPilot Recording, or using the Event Manager, you cannot close the active window via the close window button. Quitting the application (Application Menu > Quit) or exiting those pages and then clicking the close button will allow you to close the window.
  • AutoPilot Recordings that have assigned passwords cannot be accessed via a browser redirect. The AutoPilot Link has to be input directly into the application after launching from the Desktop and inputting the link into the URL bar.
  • Some web browsers that already have Flash Player permanently enabled may not show the Use Webinato Application button option upon accessing a webinar or room. 
    • Workaround 1: Quit browser completely and restart it, which should disable Flash (works best with Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers)
    • Workaround 2: Access the webinar using Flash/standard browser
  • Admin - If you enter an incorrect password, the screen will show as blank.
    • If this happens, simply quit the application and restart it, entering a different password.
    • If you forgot your admin password, please use the Forgot Password link on your Admin Login Page, or click HERE.
  • SSO - If you try to enter and get an error that someone is already logged in with your credentials, you may not be able to enter.
    • To enter, quite and restart the application. If you still cannot get in, contact your webinar room provider.
  • The application will always launch in a maximized window.
    • Simply reduce the window size to your liking after launch.
  • Hitting the Enter/Return key on the keyboard after inputting a Webinato URL will not navigate to the page.
    • You must click the GO button to the right of the URL bar to navigate to your page.

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