Webinato application components such as screen sharing or even the Webinato application itself may not work if certain software prohibits functionality. The following lists various applications and the problems they may create. 

Symantec Norton Internet Security

We have learned that Norton Internet Security can interfere with some client's computers. If you experience difficulties entering the webinar room, please make sure Norton Internet Security is disabled. Norton Firewall and Antivirus should remain active. Or else, add exclusions to the following folders on Windows

  • C:\Program Files\Webinato
  • If you experience issues while running screen sharing as an organizer/presenter, please also add an exclusion to C:\Program Files (x86)\omNovia\Projector


 This firewall may prevent certain connections to Webinato servers. If you experience problems, disable ZoneAlarm while in the room. You may also configure ZoneAlarm using the following: 

  • Admins/Presenters: Unblock Port 500 and Port 443 for outbound traffic.
  • Attendees: Unblock port 443 for outbound traffic.

 For information regarding firewall configuration, contact ZoneAlarm


Starware is a freeware application. This application causes problems using the projector as a presenter or moderator. If Starware is installed, uninstall it from Add/Remove Programs located in the Windows Control Panel. 


Kaspersky is an antivirus and security suite that has been known to stop the webinar room from loading. Users usually get stuck as the screen says "Initializing".

You may wish to temporarily disable Kaspersky or add an exception to webinato.com AND *.webinato.com.