Screen Sharing allows room operators (Organizers/Presenters) to show their desktop and applications to the audience.The image is streamed in real time with generally less than 1 second of delay. To share your screen with audience, follow the steps listed below.

Special Note: If you have not installed the Webinato Screen Sharing application yet, click here to learn how to perform the installation. Please read the instructions. 

For troubleshooting steps, read this article.

  • Click the Start Screen Sharing button on the Screen Sharing tab, and you may get a window that looks like this. 

If you have not before, make sure you download and install the application. Otherwise, just click Launch.
  • Click the appropriate of the three buttons.

  • To stop the projection, click the red "X" 

To close the application, click the x button on the Screen Sharing application panel. Make sure the application is no longer visible among Windows Taskbar icons (click the up arrow key near the bottom-right area to view the items on system tray). The system tray icon of the projector is an Orange circle icon and resembles the Webinato logo. If it exists, right click and select Exit. 

System Requirements to run the application can be found here. See 'Dependencies'. 

For more information about the Screen Sharing module, click here.