The Webinato Screen Sharing Application let you share your desktop screen with your attendees. There are two methods on how you can install the screen sharing application on you computer, click here to learn more.  In any case you encounter a problem installing the application please follow the troubleshooting steps listed below.
  • Reload the room by clicking the red (X) button on the upper right corner then Click Reload.
  • Launch the screen sharing application in the room using Internet explorer. If security prompt appears which says “would you allow this application to run in your computer” Click allow then check if the screen sharing application works. If it works, you can relaunch the screen sharing application in your desire browser and it should also work.
  • Uninstall Flash - click here ( Uninstaller ) to uninstall flash player. Then reinstall/update your Flash player. Flash Player ).
  • Check your internet connection. A stable internet connection with at least 1 MBPS Speed dedicated to the machine is required to run the webinato screen share application.
  • Clear web browser cache.  Please click here to see the instruction for the following browsers.
  • Check your browser security setting - Allowing  * from your browser security settings could resolve the slides issue. Please click here to see the instruction for the following browsers