The Webinato Screen Sharing Application lets you share your desktop screen with your attendees. There are two methods on how you can install the screen sharing application on your computer, click here to learn more.  In any case, you encounter a problem installing the application please follow the troubleshooting steps listed below. If you get any errors when you try to run the screen sharing application, please follow this article.
  • Reload the room by clicking the red (X) button on the upper right corner then click Reload.
  • Check the Firewall settings and allow the folder on C:\Program Files (x86)\omNovia\Projector
  • Check all the installation files that exist in C:\Program Files (x86)\omNovia\Projector. The number of files would be 21.
  • Check your internet connection. A stable internet connection with at least 1 MBPS Speed dedicated to the machine is required to run the Webinato screen share application.