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My screen sharing is slow

Modified on Mon, 29 Aug 2016 at 04:49 PM

If you find that your screen sharing is slow or lagged, there are several reasons you can look at to improve performance.

Network Issues

If you're an Organizer or Presenter and you notice that your screen sharing is slow  then it could possibly be due to your Internet Upload Speed to our servers. However, if your attendees are experiencing slow screen sharing then it could be something related to their Internet connection speed to our servers.

Also, while you can connect to the Internet via WiFi, it's best to connect to a hard wired connection for stability.

To test your internet connectivity, please use our Webinar Connection Tester, located HERE.

Kindly contact your Internet Service Provider for any network related concerns since our Webinar platform is highly dependent on the Internet.

Mirage Driver/Image Driver

The Mirage Driver/Image driver is a form of video driver that mirrors the main computer's output on another device. We have here a guide on how to uninstall/reinstall this by clicking on this link below.

How to install or reinstall Webinato Screen Sharing Software.

System Resource Levels

Even if your computer hardware may be the top-of-the-line, running several applications, browsers and other software along with Screen Sharing may consume processor time, meaning your computer will run much slower than normal.

  • Prevent other programs from consuming your system resources by closing any unnecessary applications and end their process from running in the background.
  • Also, if you have not turned off your computer for some time, we highly recommend that you restart your computer to refresh your system before running the Screen Sharing application.

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