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Optimizing eSignal with Webinato Screen Sharing Software

Modified on Tue, 02 Mar 2021 at 10:09 AM

Based on several of our clients' experience as well as our internal testing, eSignal (version 8 and 10), especially in a volatile market, uses a large number of computer resources. Depending on your computer it can at times use up to 60% of CPU (computer power) and up to 300 MB of RAM memory. When your computer slows down, it can impact the speed of Image transmission while using the Webinato Screen Sharing software. A slow image transmission leads to image lag for your attendees.


Optimizing eSignal with the Webinato Screen Sharing Software

The following suggestions help optimize eSignal while projecting:

  • Load only the necessary charts
  • Remove the Main Toolbar
  • Reduce overall size

When charts are loaded but not used, this takes up more CPU than necessary. If you switch between several charts during the day, it is best to load the charts on an as-needed basis. For example, if you show 2 charts, do not have 10 others open in the background as they all use your computer resources.

Our internal tests have shown that by removing unused toolbars (and specifically the main toolbar) the CPU usage dramatically decreases. To do this, click on View/Toolbar and remove the main toolbar. Click on View again, and remove any unwanted toolbars that are shown. This also applies to plugins.

The larger the area you project, the more bandwidth and CPU it takes to show the application. Furthermore, most attendees do not have the same size resolution as the area you are projecting and are forced to scroll or fit the image. By reducing the size of the charts you are showing, you can increase both performance and improve attendees' viewing experience.

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