Webinato Screen sharing application allows you to share your desktop screen with your audience. It normally uses to perform a demonstration of software running on your computer. There are some instances that the Screen sharing application is installed but for some reason, it does not work. These are the following steps you can perform to rectify the issue.


First of all, try exiting the screen share application and reload the room by clicking the red (X) button on the upper right-hand corner. If this does not work, go to the next steps below.

Recent Known Issues

If you are getting the following error, please read these instructions immediately!

Other Steps to Try

Check your internet connection: A stable internet connection with at least 1 MBPS Speed dedicated to the machine is required to run the Webinato screen share application. To screen share, we recommend a connection with at least 4 Mbps upload speed.

Uninstall the application and Reinstall it: Please read this step-by-step guide.


Install for the first time (if it is not installed): To Install the Screen Sharing application

  • Login to the web conference room as an Admin/Presenter. 
  • Click the Start Screen Sharing button. 
  • Click the Install and Launch button when you see the launch panel. 
  • Note: The button next to the Start Screen Sharing button (to the right) is the Screen Sharing Settings button (cogwheel). From this button, you can configure Screen Sharing Preferences prior to the installation.  
  • When prompted, save the WebinatoScreenShare.exe to the computer (i.e. On to the Desktop). Please make sure that it is not blocked by any security application or the browser itself. 
  • Double click the setup file. 
  • Click the 'Allow' button if warned by the User Access Control (Windows). 
  • Wait until the installer finishes the installation. 
  • Now, the Screen Sharing application will be loaded automatically. 
Note: If something goes wrong, you may receive a message 'Could not connect to live room, please try a couple of times. If this does not work, click here to fix the problem.

Direct Downloads Screen Sharing Installers

You can also install the screen sharing application from the following links.

Windows Download: Webinato Screen Sharing for Windows

Mac Download (unsupported by Catalina and onward): Webinato Screen Sharing for Mac