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How to share my screen

Modified on Mon, 11 Jul 2016 at 01:47 PM

The Webinato platform allows you to share your desktop screen with your audience, allowing you to provide hands-on training and first hand demonstrations of software running on your computer. 

In order to share your screen you must first download and install a small application, which is available for both PCs and Macs. It's important to note here that your attendees will NOT have to download anything extra in order for them to view your screens. Only the Presenter or Organizer who is sharing their screens will need this software. 

For more information on installing the Webinato Screen Sharing Software, click HERE.

After installing the Screen Sharing Software, you will only need to click the Start Screen Sharing button in the Screen Sharing module to start the application. Doing so will give you the following options for sharing your screen:

NOTE: This only pertains to the Windows version of the application. The Mac version currently supports sharing of the main monitor only.

  • Region: This will open up a new expandable window that will allow you to share only a specific portion of your screen. This is not application specific, so any image that shows within the area will be shared.

  • Monitor: This will show any one of your attached monitors to your audience. You will also have the option to show all monitors simultaneously.
    • Please use this feature with caution, as showing more than two (2) monitors at once may cause significant performance degradation, depending on your network, your attendees' network, and your own system hardware.
  • Application: This will open a list of all currently running and visible (not minimized) applications so you can select one to share to your audience. You can move the application window around on your desktop without affecting the sharing, but if any other application is shown over top of it, you will only show a grey screen on the overlapped portion.

Once you are done sharing your screen, click the red X above the screen sharing window (next to the Start Screen Sharing button) to stop sharing your screens. Closing the Screen Sharing application window in the interface will also close the Screen Sharing Application on your computer.

It is highly recommended that whenever you want to stop your screen sharing, or you have to refresh the room interface or leave the room for any other reason, you should properly stop the application so that others who may share their screens inside of your room, if needed.

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