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What are the different media modules?

Modified on Mon, 29 Aug 2016 at 04:17 PM

Organizers can utilize Media Modules to present the main webinar content in many ways. Here, you can showcase a slides presentation, share your screen to your attendees, play a video from YouTube or an uploaded video, share Notes and a lot more.

The following are the Media Modules available in the Webinato platform to help you deliver a content-rich webinar.


Showing a PowerPoint presentation is one of the most common practices when hosting a webinar. Webinato has made it easier for organizers by providing a module where Power Point presentation can be simply uploaded to the platform and then later can be easily accessed and shown to viewers.

To learn more about using the Slides Module, please click here

Screen Sharing

There are instances where sharing your desktop screen is the best way to showcase your content to your attendees. Webinato got you covered by providing a tool that can let you share your screen on the fly. This capability is available for both Organizers and Presenters.

Click here to know more about screen sharing with Webinato platform. 

White Board

This module allows collaboration between Presenters and Organizers and then easily share them with audience. To learn more about using White Board inside the room, please click here


This module allows Organizers and Presenters to load actual web pages inside the room where Attendees can interact individually. 

Click here to view our easy step by step guide on how to use CoBrowser. 

Video Player

If you are looking for a way to upload and then stream videos to your viewers, then this module is the answer. Using the Video Player module, you can also play YouTube Videos directly inside the room. On top of that, you can record, save and play webcam videos conveniently.

To learn more about this exciting feature, please click here

Live Video

This module displays your camera feed, including regular computer webcams, in a live video container.

To learn about enabling the Live Video Module in your webinar room, please click here

To know more about setting up your webcam for a live video presentation, please click here


The Notes Module allows Organizers and Presenters to work on a document using a rich text editor and can be easily shared with audience.

Click here to learn more about this collaborative module. 


In situations where you need to quickly and easily collect user data in a live room, the Survey Module is a powerful and versatile tool you can utilize. Click here to learn about enabling and using this tool in your webinar room. 

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