Promoting an attendee to a presenter role with greater room access is very easy to do in Webinato.

  • Start by left-clicking on the user name you want to promote from the Participants List. Select "Grant Controls" from the popup menu

  • You should see another popup window allowing you to choose what controls to grant the user

  • Here is what the different check boxes do:
    • Presenter: Grants full Presenter access to the user, including Microphone, Webcam and Media Tab/Tools Control
    • Microphone: This allows the user to use their microphone.
    • Webcam & Microphone: Allows access to both their webcam and microphone
    • Media and Tools Control: Allows the user to control various media modules and tolls in the room. This can be further specified with:
      • Full Control: Allows the user to have full control over every module and tool
      • Only Screen Sharing: The user only has access to start/stop the Screen Sharing Engine on their computer.
  • Once the access level is chosen, click OK. The user will be notified that they have been given elevated privileges:

For more information on User Roles, please click HERE.

Demoting Attendees

To demote any attendee who has been granted specific controls:

  • Left click on their name in the Participant List, as described above
  • Select Grant Controls
  • Uncheck the boxes next to the controls you granted the attendee
  • Click OK

The Attendee will now return to their previous state.