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What are the different user roles?

Modified on Thu, 26 Jan 2017 at 12:31 PM

When adding users to you Webinato Organization account, there are different user roles that can be assigned to them for any room in your organization, each role having different levels of access. Here is a summary of the different roles you can assign to your users:

No Access: This role will have no access to your room, and they will not be able to login.


Registered User: This role allows basic attendee access to your room. These users will not have any access to change any of the room modules or to present any content, and is reserved for webinar viewers only. Microphone and Webcam access is also turned off for the role.

  • When logged in, this user will show as blue attendee icon in the Participants List:

Presenter: This role allows the user access to change any of the active modules inside of the room in order to present content. This includes uploading Slides and presenting using the Screen Sharing Engine, and so on. Microphone and webcam access is also granted to this role, allowing them to present audio and video, as well. However, this role is not able to make changes to the room layout, nor are they able to manage other users in the room.

  • When logged in, this role will show as an orange presenter icon in the Participants List:

Organizer: This role has complete control over every module and setting inside of the room. They are able to change module tabs, start and stop AutoPilot recordings, and manage other users in the room.

  • When logged in, this role will show as a purple moderator icon in the Participants List:

In addition to setting a role for each user, Presenters can also be assigned Admin Rights to their rooms. This allows them access to the Admin Page area for Room Reports and AutoPilot Recordings for that specific room, and can be assigned on a per-room basis. Presenters with Admin Rights also have access to the Event Manager, so they can create events for the room(s) they have Admin Rights for. 

For more information on using the Event Manager, click HERE.


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