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Fit Image For All

Modified on Wed, 23 Dec 2015 at 03:14 PM

This article will explain how to use the Fit to Screen option when using Desktop Sharing.

First, let's discuss what exactly Fit to Screen () is, and what exactly No Fit () is. When large applications are shared in the room many times Attendees and Admins will find scroll bars on the bottom and/or side of the display area. When scroll bars appear this means the No Fit option is currently being used.

Note that the Admin will initially see a Small Preview. This is to lessen the impact of any potential image echoing. The Fit to Screen option will not be enabled until the Admin un-checks the Small Preview Checkbox.


After exiting the small preview, the  button will be changed to .

When No Fit is in use, the image will appear in full size as it does on the Admin's computer. The option to fit the image will actually re-size the image so that it fits completely inside the display area of the conference, eliminating all scroll bars. Attendees can still choose between the Fit and No Fit option according to what works best for them.

As an Admin you can choose to make this selection for your attendees. This is where the For All and Only for me options come into play. If you select Fit to Screen and then click For All in the dialog box (see the image below), this will take your application and fit it for everyone in the room so no one has scroll bars and the application you are sharing will be fit into every attendee's screen in the room. Note the Current application sharing status.

To reset the option, click the No Fit button blob1444242458780.png

Then click For All. Note the Current application sharing status is now fit to screen. This will unfit the image for all.

Attendees experiencing problems when the Fit to Screen option is enabled? Click here to find out why.

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