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Image Projection size

Modified on Wed, Dec 23, 2015 at 3:15 PM

The Desktop Projector allows you to project any size area of your monitor or from multiple monitors. However please consider the following points when projecting:

  • Image transmission is faster when a smaller area is projected depending on your and your viewers' Internet bandwidth.
  • Your viewers might not have the same screen resolution as you do. Although a viewer can click the "Fit to screen" button to adjust the image to their screen size, the resized image may not be easy to read if it is resized by a large factor.
  • Let's assume you want to project the following image that takes up your entire screen:
    • But some of your viewers might have a much smaller screen resolution such as 1024 x 768. So they would only see the area in the blue rectangle below and would have to use the scroll bars to see other parts of your projected image as shown below:

    • If they push the "Fit to screen", it would adjust the image to their screen size and they would hence see:

      • When the image is resized by a large factor, it may loose too much resolution to be read.
      • Based on the above, we suggest you try to project an area that is:
        • Either small enough to fit on most screens, or
        • Needs small adjustment so that when attendees do a Fit to Screen, it would still look good.
      • Also note that as an Admin or Presenter, you can force the image to fit for all attendees as an option.

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