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No Audio

Modified on Fri, 23 Apr 2021 at 04:44 AM

If you have no audio in the webinar, we recommend the following:

Verify Audio is Supposed to be Heard in the Room

Please verify that some type of audio is being broadcast. If someone is speaking through a microphone, you will see a visual indicator showing which participant is speaking (usually but not always a Presenter) next to their icon in the Participants List.

If you are unable to hear anything,

  1. Click the "?" button at the upper right-hand corner in the webinar room
  2. Click Audio Help
  3. Click "I don't hear any audio at all"
  4. Click "Play Test Sound"
  5. If it does not work, go to the next steps

Reload the Conference Room

You can easily reload the room by clicking on the red exit button in the upper right corner of the room and then selecting Click to reload webinar in your browser.

Verify Volume for System Audio

The Operating System (Windows, Mac, etc.) controls the audio level and has the ability to mute the system audio. If the system audio is muted, the conference audio will not play. Check the Sounds section from Control Panel in Windows to verify the audio is not muted and the audio level is correctly adjusted.

Check Audio Controls Inside of the Room

If you see a red X next to the speaker in the lower-left corner of the room, the web conference room speakers are muted. You can click on the speaker to unmute it. Also, ensure that the volume control bar at the top of the speaker is not turned down all of the ways.

Check if Speakers are Connected

If your computer has external speakers, they must be connected properly. Ensure the speakers are properly connected to the computer. In most cases, the connection wire from the speaker will have a corresponding color to be plugged into the computer. The speakers will also need to be powered in order to work. If the speakers are built-in, such as a laptop, this is generally not going to be an issue.

Reboot the Computer

if none of the above work, you can reboot (power down and back up) your computer to see if this resolves the issue. If you still cannot hear, you may need to contact your computer's manufacturer for technical support.

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