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User Types & Access Levels

Modified on Wed, 07 Sep 2016 at 10:51 AM

These are the descriptions of each user type:

  • Will only be able to view what is being presented inside the room.
  • Must use guest/room password or event password.
  • The guest/room password is a group level password shared by all attendees.
  • May be granted temporary presenter privileges.
  • Does not have access to any room or organization level settings.
Registered User
  • An attendee with a unique username (email) and unique password setup by an admin.
  • Can change personal information from
  • They can open a room and this user has control over the room features.
  • Has limited access to the Tools menu.
  • Can change personal information from
  • Has all of the presenters' privileges in addition to more.
  • They can see online participants information.
  • They can give privileges to Presenter and attendees.
  • They can kick or ban attendees.
  • Can privatize and disable chat.
  • Full access to the Tools Menu.
Room Admin
  • Has limited access to admin page.
  • Can view and change settings for a particular room.
  • Cannot change organizations information nor can they view/edit billing info (unless they are a billing contact as well).
Super Admin
  • Has access to organization information and full admin page.
  • Create and modify users of all rooms associated with that account.
  • Create and modify all rooms for the organization.

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