The SSO (Single Sign-On) API allows you to integrate Webinato into your website's Members' Area.

To learn more about this and our other APIs, please click here.

Using our SSO API means your attendees do not need to remember yet another password. They simply log in to your members' area and then click a button to access your webinar or event. User management becomes much easier because adding or removing a person in your web site's database would immediately grant/remove access to the conference room. It also allows you to have different levels of service. For instance, your trial users might only have access to a demo room whereas your permanent customers have access to the regular room.

Please note that implementing the SSO API, as well as our other APIs, requires solid technical skills in web development and web scripting/programming. Our support team is available to assist, when possible, but cannot do any integration work for you.

If you want to see an example of the SSO API in action, click here to view a demo to view our SSO Demo Site.