From the Presentation manager you can play your Videos, Slides and Instant Polls, control the chat and much more.

Create and Play Scripts from Presentation Manager

  • Click over the Tools button menu and select Presentation Manager.
  • Click the Add new button and then click the Next button.
  • Please perform the actions you want in the script. Please check below in the Supported actions area to see more about the supported actions. 
  • Click the Save button. Click over the Play button to open the script. 
  • Click the Play button to perform the selected action.

Supported Actions

  • Slides: Play and unload an slide presentation.
  • Cobrowser: Open and unload an URL.
  • Video Player: Play and Unload a movie from our servers.
  • Video Player YouTube: Will save the URL from the selected movie and play it back in the room from the YouTube servers.
  • eCurtain: Turn on and off.
  • World Map: Show to all and Close for all.
  • Audio Player: Play and Stop.
  • Participant List and Chat area: Collapse and expand.
  • Chat: Privatize / Unprivatize chat. Disable / enable chat.
  • Announcements: Send announcement and remove all.
  • Instant Polls: Play, Stop and Remove an instant poll.
  • AutoPilot: Record a live session or playback a recorded session during a live webinar.